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Waterfall or Agile Kickoff?

H Here is my tip for exploring Agile and Waterfall approach in project management by PMI . You can learn something even if you are experienced PM/DEV, it does not take much of your time and you will earn a nice blue badge or two. bite sized content fun activities flexible learning actionable templates questions to ask anywhere access Check this Agile/Waterfall Kickoff site. Fundamentals of Waterfall Project Management Earners of Kickoff’s Fundamentals of Waterfall Project Management badge have an essential understanding of waterfall processes and terminology. They’ve demonstrated key concepts, including: how to build project charters, identify project stakeholders, write clear requirements, sequence and assign work, create the project schedule, make risk mitigation plans, review the plan and stay aligned with sponsors, conduct a kick-off meeting, measure project success, and successfully close out a project. Source: Credly Fundamentals of Agile Project Management Earners of K