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Unified grid buttons

I I want to have the same look for all my grids. I used to modify grids via JavaScript Initialization Code section (Attributes - Advanced). But doing the same changes on all grids was not maintainable. So I switched to a common function to modify the config object (on single place). But I was still stuck with the need to copy the same code to init sections on all grids. Fortunately you can create a common function to modify all grids at one place without the need to modify the init sections. This is how the original grid buttons looks like (Edit, Save, Add row, Reset): This is what I want to achieve (modify all grids without even touching the init section): Hide Edit button (but keep the grid editable) Make Save button hot (green) when grid is modified (I will cover this in next article ) Make Add row as "+" button Hide Reset button at the end Add pagination setup to alter default page size Add new button to store refresh grid data Add new but

Searching views

Y You already faced this issue. You need to change/remove function and you don't know where it is used. Or you need to know if the functions is even used somewhere. Oracle provides us with user_source/all_source views where you can easily search source code of procedures, functions, packages and triggers. But views are tricky, there are no such objects for views. Fortunately you can create your own from view definition stored as LONG in user_views.text column. Lets create a table which will store the view source lines: CREATE TABLE user_views_source ( owner VARCHAR2(30) CONSTRAINT nn_user_views_source_owner NOT NULL, name VARCHAR2(30) CONSTRAINT nn_user_views_source_name NOT NULL, line NUMBER(10) CONSTRAINT nn_user_views_source_line NOT NULL, text VARCHAR2(2000), -- CONSTRAINT pk_user_views_source PRIMARY KEY (owner, name, line) ); -- COMMENT ON TABLE user_views_source IS '[CORE]

New APEX certifications

C Current APEX certifications will be retired in 3 months. The recent (and not very popular) certification Oracle APEX Cloud Developer Specialist | 1Z0-760 retiring on Oct 30th 2022 and much older Oracle Application Express 18: Developing Web Applications | 1Z0-750 on Oct 14th 2022. It seems like rumors are true and we will indeed get 2 new certifications. Foundation level for free and probably APEX 21 Specialist for the usual price. Stay tuned.

Resource override

F For years I was stuck in an endless loop. Change the JavaScript file, upload to APEX, refresh the page, hope it works, repeat. There were few unofficial solutions developed in the past like APEX Builder Extension by FOS (I think it was a work of Stefan Dobre ) or APEX Nitro utilizing Node.js. Recently I was recently notified about the Chrome extension Resource Override . To set this up you will need to do this 4 easy steps: get this extention to your Chrome or Firefox browser create a rule to override your (.js, .css or any kind of) file create local server to serve your file avoid file caching in APEX First two points are covered on the project page above, just a note that syntax is "glob like" syntax. Basicaly it is similar to LIKE in SELECT, you just use "*" instead of "%". For example my rule for Oracle cloud server look like: Tab URL: ** From: *global.js* To: http://localhost:8080/workspa