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Oracle 23c Free

O Oracle 23c Free is out. I am so excited about this, because it is marking a great shift. Usually we got just few new features and improvements after several years of waiting. Now it seems like it is more focused on the developers. A huge improvements, released firstly to developers and later to customers. Exciting. So we have great and always free Oracle Cloud option and now we have Oracle 23c Free as an on premise option. How cool is that? What to love? Boolean data types in SQL (finally) Aliases in GROUP BY and HAVING clauses Conditional DDL (IF NOT EXIST) Simplified data creation End of DUAL , I will miss this little quirk SQL subtypes (domains) and huge JSON improvements You can check Tim Hall's articles on 23c. You can download prebuilt VirtualBox image from Oracle, also with SQLcl 23.1 and APEX 22.2 or Tim's Vagrant build and this one also covering Docker by Gerald.