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Product design and product discovery with APEX

A All APEX developers know that you can develop prototypes really fast. Many times even the whole applications. But sometimes, the expectations from your stakeholders can be very different then what it is possible to do in APEX in reasonable time. Sometimes, the requirements you receive might be weird from your point of view. As a developer, you should think about extending your knowledge to the product world. To think about apps you build from the product/customer perspective. Don't thing too much on the features and technical side, think more about benefits for users and solving users problems. There are some excellent resources on the market and you can get most of them for free. In just few hours of your time you might change your perspective how to develop software. There is a great course and bottomless well of wisdom about building products from Pawel Huryn . Just subscribe to the free (or paid) newsletter, explore the blog or/and go for Continuous Product Discovery M

Trips Planning app

I I had to plan a trip to Iceland. Previously I was drawing timelines on paper to make sure I can get there in time, to utilize my time on the location and to avoid any overlaps. But with this trip I knew it will be too much redo, so I thought about doing it in APEX... The Plan I need a grid to input the data and I need a Gantt chart to render it as timeline. Thats it. I had a fully functional prototype in 2 hours (I was stuck for a while on the chart). Since that I added some small features, like: daily overview so I can check (and eventually print) just specific days customizable colors, per event/stop category with event/stop level override added costs and flags so I can keep track of things I need to pay or do clickable chart (thanks to Hari), so I can click on event on chart to adjust it dynamic chart height (thanks to Hari) based on the number of categories used on trip I am planning to add maps thanks to suggestion from Jayson . Finally, this is t