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My certification journey


In March 2020 at the beginning of world apocalypse I decided it would be nice to utilize more free time I suddenly had. So I was looking around and I found a 35% discount on Oracle Database Developer Learning Subscription. I thought about it for a while because even after this generous discount it was still a bit steep, but I bought it in May. It was the best decision of the year.

Well, mainly because two months later my subscription was converted (extended) to Oracle Database Learning Subscription for free. I suddenly had access to so many courses and certifications I didn't even considered pursuing.

I was aiming just for SQL, PL/SQL and APEX. I got all of them and I got whole DBA stack for free. That was an awesome deal. But I had to shift my plans to squeeze in additional courses and certifications.

It is very time consuming and maybe even impossible to go thru all courses and all certifications in just 12 months. It means that you should be doing 1-2 certifications each month to get maximum value for your money.

I had to say I was a bit sceptical about certifications but the whole experience is just awesome. Many of these courses are interesting. Many certifications are challenging. You will learn a lot for sure. You will gain a lot of knowledge and experience maybe even new friends. You will grow and value yourself more. You will trust more in your abilities. And you may get a pay raise or/and a better job.

I was never interested to becoming a DBA but it is nice to know a thing or two about administration and how database actually works. I had to admit that it made me a better developer.