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Oracle APEX Cloud Developer Specialist (1z0-760)


There is a new APEX certification Oracle APEX Cloud Developer Specialist, exam 1z0-760. 58 questions, 60% required to pass. As far as I know it is not part of any Oracle Learning Subscription but you can get 25% discount for exam voucher. See updates below.

Oracle APEX Cloud Developer Certified Specialists have a strong foundation in Oracle APEX and developing Oracle APEX applications, basic knowledge of Web Application Development, SQL, PL/SQL, building professional applications with Oracle APEX, and developing solutions by utilizing various features of Oracle APEX. They have demonstrated proficiency in building scalable, secure enterprise applications using the world’s most popular enterprise low-code platform, Oracle APEX. Source: Credly


  • Getting Started with Oracle APEX on the Oracle Autonomous Database
  • Using SQL Workshop
  • Creating a Database Application
  • Working with Pages and Regions
  • Developing Reports
  • Creating and Using Forms
  • Creating Application Page Controls
  • Adding Computations, Processes, and Validations
  • Implementing Navigation in your Application
  • Managing Application Data
  • Using Themes and Theme Styles
  • Implementing Security in your Application
  • Adding Additional Pages to your Application
  • Creating and Using Dynamic Actions and Plug-ins
  • Migrating Application Development Between Environments

I bought a voucher for this exam, did you?

Update (Apr 17th 2021)

This exam is now part of Data Management Learning Subscription.

Update (Apr 21st 2021)

This exam is now part of Oracle Database Learning Subscription.

Update (May 22st 2021)

I finally got time and mood for this exam and succeeded. That makes this my 11th certification. I would say it is a bit easier then previous certification (1z0-750), questions are well written and it is mostly choice 2 from 5. Good luck.

How did I prepared for this exam?

This two books helped:

I also saw all APEX related courses available in Oracle Database Learning Subscription:

I also follow some blogs and channels on Youtube.


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