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Oracle Database Security Expert (1Z0-116) certification


If you are on this page, you probably lust Oracle Certified Professional Oracle Database Security Expert certification (exam 1Z0-116, 90 questions, 59% needed to pass). Main topics:

  • Manage Database Users
  • Manage and Secure passwords
  • Configure and Use Contexts
  • Manage Authorization
  • Configure Fine Grained Access Control
  • Configure and Manage Database Vault
  • Configure and Use Auditing
  • Configure Network Security
  • Configure and Implement Encryption
  • Implement Data Masking and Data Redaction
  • Invoke the Database Security Assessment Tool
  • Patch Databases
  • Manage Database Security in the Cloud

This exam looks wast and hard. Not many free/cheap resources available.

Here are resources available thru Oracle University, specifically in Oracle Database Learning Subscription:

If you succeed, you will get this shiny and very rare badge:

Candidates who hold the Oracle Database Security Administrator Certified Expert credential are dedicated Database Administrator Certified Professionals who have continued their learning and have demonstrated mastery of various security features such as Oracle users, passwords, roles, Oracle contexts, authorization, fine grain access control, Oracle Database Vault, Auditing, Network Security, data encryption, data redaction, data masking, security assessments and patching. Source: Credly