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2021 achievements & failures


2021 is over, it is time for a recap. I was not sure if I should share this or not, but here is one for openness, honesty and transparency. It is mostly personal so feel free to skip this.

Some achievements

  • I got few Oracle certifications, I am very proud of several of them
  • I got few agile certifications, I value the product ownership the most and highly recommend it to everyone, it improved my approach to many things
  • I got two interesting job offers from Oracle, but I didn't follow through, I should have
  • I got a lovely recommendation from Steven Feuerstein after he did a review of my code, which itself was an achievement
  • I got promoted to a Lead developer (a bit overdue and without a pay raise)
  • I continued to share my knowledge through this blog and got to the top 100 Oracle blogs, I have a big plans and many articles forming up
  • my 1st daughter health is slowly improving
  • my 2nd daughter was born almost 3 months ago and she is healthy
  • I started trading on Binance and didn't lost everything
  • I redesigned and remodelled our kitchen

Some failures and sadness

  • I failed Oracle DBA certification
  • I failed at my plan to get many OCI certifications (and for free), I got just the easiest one
  • I failed the PSPO III exam, I got 82% instead of 85%
  • I didn't got enough time and energy to pursue IIBA certifications
  • I quit the MBA school (again)
  • I didn't exercise as much as I should
  • my 2nd son got a ASD diagnosis
  • my dog died few weeks ago, after 14+ years together
  • I failed to teach my wife Photoshop

How was your year?

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