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Free certification - Oracle Cloud Data Management (1z0-1105-22)


Yup, you can get free certification Oracle Cloud Data Management 2022 Foundations Associate (1z0-1105-22), probably with just the brown badge (update: it is blue) and it will expire in 18 months, but it is an opportunity to learn something new and validate it for free.

Study materials are available on OLS, under Become an Oracle Cloud Data Management Foundations Associate, they are 6 hours long.

This learning path gives you the insight not only to Oracle's data management strategies but a complete solution for modern application development and data transformations.

Learn how Oracle's cloud data platform extends and complements its core databases. Understand how to architect data management platforms that work together to simplify and maximize productivity, while reducing cost and improving performance, reliability, and security.

Exam topics:

  • Data Management Introduction
    • Explain Oracle's Data Management Strategy
    • Discuss the different Oracle database offerings and deployment options (on-premises, DBCS, ADB, Exa, 3rd party cloud)
    • Discuss multi-cloud and hybrid cloud options for managing data using Oracle Cloud
  • Oracle Cloud Free Tier Account
    • Explain Oracle Cloud Free Tier Sign-up processes
    • Discuss functionality of the OCI Console
    • Explain the differences and uses of Free vs Always Free
  • Autonomous Database and Tools
    • Explore Autonomous Database, the various offerings and deployment options
    • Discuss ADB Instance Creation - provision, scale CPU and storage, start, stop, and clone
    • Describe ADB Tools and how to load data into ADB
  • Exadata and DBCS
    • Describe the use cases and business problems Exadata solves
    • Explain the various Exadata deployment options (C@C, Cloud Service, etc)
    • Discuss Lifecycle Management (patching, backup & recovery)
    • Describe DBCS offerings and when to use one over the other
  • MySQL and NoSQL
    • Describe MySQL Database Service
    • Describe NoSQL Service
  • Converged Database
    • Describe multi-model and converged database use cases
    • Explain json, graph and spatial in the Oracle Database
  • Resiliency
    • Explain Oracle's Maximum Security Architecture
    • Explain Oracle's Maximum Availability Architecture
  • Developing on Oracle Database
    • Explain the processes and concepts to Manage Autonomous Database: REST, APIs
    • Describe using database tools, SQL Developer, SQL Worksheet
    • Describe low-code APEX
    • Describe CI/CD SQLCl
  • Data Lake, Data Warehouse and Machine Learning
    • Discuss concepts and uses of OCI Analytics and AI Data Services
    • Discuss concepts and uses of Oracle Machine Learning
    • Explain the data mesh architecture
  • Upgrades and Migrations
    • Describe various migration strategies to the cloud
    • Explain Oracle's upgrade options

Update (21st June)

I have passed on 1st try in 32 minutes and you will have 15 free attempts, so it is almost impossible to fail. No more badges on Credly.