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Oracle ACE Associate


This week I got my Oracle ACE Associate award. I feel very excited, honoured and proud to receive this recognition. Not everyone can get it. It is certainly the best work related event for me in years. There are currently 392 ACEs world wide, 196 in Database focus area, 99 in EMEA region and just me in Czech Republic.

My interested at Oracle started when I was a kid and I bought a book about Oracle 7i. I didn't understand it and it was very hard to even install the database then. I started developing web applications as a freelancer when I was 18 and could legally set up my first company. PHP cluttered with MySQL calls was my first choice. But I was lured by Oracle's ability to store and execute the business logic inside of the database and to even run the webserver there. Magic.

So I found a job at StringData where I had the opportunity to learn Oracle on commercial projects. I grew up on the Oracle Base blog from Tim Hall, on orange books from Steven Feuerstein, on endless nights spent reading through Ask Tom forum from Tom Kyte and on wisdom found in various books and blogs. Legends. I highly appreciate their contribution (and not just theirs) to the Oracle community, most of them are still contributing and I now feel comfortable to contribute too. The impostor syndrom is fading away. It is time to give back (and if you read my blog you know that I am trying).

I gained my knowledge by spending a lot of my free time on learning, trying, failing and improving. And I still do this daily. As I believe many other developers do too. If you don't want to be just an average developer/lawyer/doctor, you have to dedicate a lot of your time to get there.

If you have something to share, do it. You might be surprised what does it brings you.