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Call procedure with aligned args

W When you need to generate aligned function or procedure call, you can use the following script. I would like to use data types used in source code, but that is a bit more complex. This should had been my #JoelKallmanDay post, but I could not finish this in time. WITH inputs AS ( SELECT UPPER('&PROCEDURE_NAME') || '%' AS procedure_name, UPPER('&OBJECT_NAME') || '%' AS package_name, 1 AS overload FROM DUAL ), a AS ( SELECT a.argument_name, a.object_name, a.package_name, a.position, a.in_out, a.data_type, a.data_length, a.data_precision, a.defaulted, a.pls_type, a.char_length, a.char_used FROM inputs i JOIN user_arguments a ON a.object_name LIKE i.procedure_name AND a.package_name LIKE i.package_name AND (a.overload =