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APEX Alpe Adria 2022 review

I It was my first on-site APEX conference. I went from Prague by bus on Thursday at 2am to meet with Foex guys at Vienna to join their party bus. To meet at least few APEX enthusiasts before we arrive. I have to move across the city to to Foex headquarters and I used my Onewheel to get there in 90 minutes and 10% battery left. That was fun. All guys at Foex were/are very friendly and the journey to Maribor went well. We talked a lot. I met Peter, Matt, Karen, Frank, Fanel, Zsolt, one guy without LinkedIn profile and Dietmar. I arrived at my hotel, put the Onewheel to the charger and went to bed for 2 hours. Then I went to explore Maribor. Drove along the river on both sides, went to the old town and didn't crashed. Beautiful city. Then I went to the first session with organizers and Patrik Wolf. That was very relaxed, very friendly, entertaining and also enlightening. The community around APEX is really something special and it is an honor to be part of that. Here are some i

Professional Scrum with User Experience Certification

I I have passed the PSU I exam today and I am now on of the 1994 proud owners. It was a great extension od  PSPO II certification I did last year. The main goal was to extend my knowledge to the UX area and to look at things from the design perspective. I highly recommend reading these books even if you don't want to pursue this certification: Lean UX  by Jeff Gothelf The Lean Startup  by Eric Ries UX for Lean Startups  by Laura Klein

Are you doing your job on 100%?

I I have been asked by my (young) boss if I am doing my job on 100%. After realizing he was not joking I felt betrayed. I felt just like a resource being drained and not as a human. He continued with even more (stupid) questions and accusations directly claiming that there is a problem on my side (without any evidence) and making the issue worst. I was just thinking what is his motivation and why is he doing that. Does he want me to quit? What does he expect from me? After this kind of pep talk I will be doing overtimes for free again? Then I was thinking about our previous talks about work life balance. What a pile of rubbish. Anyway, it somehow settled after few more unpleasant meetings and I didn't left even though I had better job offers and I probably should have. After few weeks my peer developers are targeted. Being questioned if they really give 100% to the company. Is this real? Does anyone really expect that 100% is even possible? And that this is the goal to

One-pager of Pro Oracle SQL Development book, part III - Write Elegant SQL

L Last week I have bought this book: Pro Oracle SQL Development: Best Practices for Writing Advanced Queries by Jon Heller. So far I did read all chapters from part III - Write Elegant SQL with Patterns and Styles. I recently published two articles about similar topic as APEX Blueprint , so I wanted to see how my world view align with the author. Here are some excellent quotes from the book, specifically chapters 11. Stop Coding and Start Writing and 13. Write Beautiful SQL Statements. We must spend extra time upfront to make our code easier for developers later. Making our code readable encourages other people to use our code and will even help our future selves. It’s good to program with a sense of idealism and beauty, but we should try to keep the dogmatism out of it. After a while we should all evolve a sense of when code “just looks right.” Eventually we’ll know that when our code looks right, it will run right. But sometimes we need to ignore our feelings and stop ins