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Oracle ACE Associate, 2023-2024

I It is the time of the year when ACEs for next season are announced. It was hard to get into this program, it is a bit easier to stay in it. I had to collect 100 points and I did managed 360, most of them through my blog. Hopefully next year I will reach to ACE Pro and get the few things I miss. So far I am contributing through my blog for over 2 years (and I have just reached the 100k views), and on GitHub a bit longer through my several open source projects. Being an ACE motivates me to write a better content, to not get satisfied with quick articles and don't go for easy topics. Basically I have to produce something I can be proud of. And that is great. ACE benefits You can explore the official list of benefits under Why join section. What I got from the ACE program? I can't say it was life changing, at least not yet, but: I can brag about being ACE I am part of the great community, I can reach out to these people more easily and I did connected

Heat maps for APEX applications usage

Y You have a lot of valuable insights in APEX logs and you most likely don't realize that. And that is because you don't have a tool to display this data in a meaningful way. Some things you can extract from the apex_workspace_activity_log table: average or maximum times for each page for several actions (rendering, processing, AJAX calls...) number of requests, so you can identify highly used pages (or not used pages) number of users and sessions as a complementary metrics you could also extract browsers, IP addresses, buttons clicked, errors... There are other things you can track. I love heat maps. So I created this mini app, which will allow you to explore the data from apex_workspace_activity_log as a heat maps. I use whole month data and the T1..T30 columns represents dates in past, T1 as yesterday, T2 as day before yesterday... You just have to set the colors and thresholds to suits your needs. What I created: simple page with IG to