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Oracle ACE Associate, 2023-2024


It is the time of the year when ACEs for next season are announced. It was hard to get into this program, it is a bit easier to stay in it. I had to collect 100 points and I did managed 360, most of them through my blog. Hopefully next year I will reach to ACE Pro and get the few things I miss.

So far I am contributing through my blog for over 2 years (and I have just reached the 100k views), and on GitHub a bit longer through my several open source projects. Being an ACE motivates me to write a better content, to not get satisfied with quick articles and don't go for easy topics. Basically I have to produce something I can be proud of. And that is great.

ACE benefits

You can explore the official list of benefits under Why join section.

What I got from the ACE program?
I can't say it was life changing, at least not yet, but:

  • I can brag about being ACE
  • I am part of the great community, I can reach out to these people more easily and I did connected with few of them
  • I am enjoying monthly ACE meetings, I have met interesting people and learned interesting things there
  • I got some recognition and promotions on Oracle blogs and socials, these mentions certainly helped me to get my blog views over 100k
  • I did received (and used) 1 exam credit, which has $245 value
  • I am learning a lot on Mylearn for free

What I miss

  • I really miss the full Cloud account, now on always free cloud I can't even do the labs for Digital Assistant or Data Science exams
  • I would like to have some merch, which is available for higher levels, but I can certainly live without that
  • a free pass to Oracle Cloud World conference would be also nice

Anyway, I am really glad to be part of this program and I would recommend it to anyone. Remember, great things happen when you step out of your comfort zone.