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New 23ai SQL and DBA certifications

I I am excited to see brand new classic (non cloud) certifications going to be released soon: Oracle Database 23ai SQL Associate: 1Z0-171 [link] , 60 questions, 65% to pass. It looks very similar to current SQL 1z0-071 exam, I wonder what will be 23ai related. Oracle Database 23ai Administration Associate: 1Z0-182 , 60 questions and 65% to pass. We can see a huge difference compared to the previous DBA 1z0-082 exam - the whole SQL section is missing, so all these 60 questions will be DBA related. If you search Oracle MyLearn for "23ai" materials, you will find this: Oracle Database 23ai: SQL Workshop , 19.5 hours Oracle Database 23ai: New Features for Developers , 6 hours Oracle Database 23ai: Administration Workshop , 12.5 hours Oracle Database 23ai: New Features for Administrators , 8.5 hours Happy learning and let me know if you pass one on these.

About the Oracle ACE program

T There is no Oracle User Group in Czech republic. As far as I know, there are just few PR events organized by local Oracle branch few times per year. Last year there was some initiative to organize monthly meetups, but that died quickly. From the rumours I heard several people tried before and failed. I guess there is not enough interest from both sides. Other sad thing is that I don't know a single person in Czech republic who would publish anything for the community. So to be part of the Oracle community, you have to think beyond the borders. Our closest neighbours (Austria, Germany and Poland) have quite large and engaged communities with many events, but I don't know German nor Polish. It might be your case too. Don't be discouraged by that, there are other options. You can become the ODTUG member or a member of any existing Oracle User Group you like. You don't have to live in that country to be a member, but you should know the local language. Joining Spain

APEX Deployment Tool - Automated patching

P Patching is the most significant feature of ADT. You can do a lot of cool things in ADT, but patching is the coolest one. I call this automated patching, because typically I don't have to intervene and I can deploy a patch without any change. The whole idea behind ADT is to focus on your job as a developer and don't worry about mundane tasks like creating patch files manually. ADT has many checks and features to give you confidence on deploying and time to focus on more important or interesting things. ADT does not store anything in database and it does not need any objects in database either. The script gets all the information from your Git repo (folders, files and config file). To make this work, you must be using Git. Without Git repo you will not be able to generate patch files. This is part of multiple ADT articles: Introduction & workflow Setup connections, config, folder structure Recompile invalid objects Searching APEX and searchin

APEX Blueprint, the 2024 edition

D During my preparation for the amazing APEX Alpe Adria conference in Maribor I have realized that I no longer consider some of my previous recommendations valid, hence there is a time for an update. You can download my presentation at AAA24 review article. Here are the original Blueprint articles published 01/2022: Part 1 about the obvious things + backend and Part 2 focused on APEX . I will repeat some thoughts from these two previous articles and put all things here, so you can refer just to this one new article. I will also add few new thoughts. And it will be longer than usual (around 10 pages actually). Clean code Clean code is a code that can be understood correctly with minimal effort in minimal time. It is not some utopia and you don't have to go to any extremes. In fact you can do just minimal changes in your applications for a huge improvements. How you done things might be obvious to you now, but not the future you, not to mention your colleagues. So if