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Performance Management and Tuning, 1z0-084 exam

N New tuning certification is out. Oracle Database 19c: Performance Management and Tuning. Here it the link to  certification path  and here is the link to  1z0-084  exam. I didn't found the badge on Credly yet. It looks like a newer version of (in March) retired exam 1z0-064. Topics looks very similar. 55 questions, 60% needed to pass, 90 minutes to do that. So at least on paper it looks easier. However there are some notable changes: you have to be DBA OCP, no exceptions (in past you could attend training) in past it was 84 question in 150 minutes with 62% required to pass in past you would get the Expert badge, now it is just Professional Update August 29th: The Oracle Database 19c: Performance Management and Tuning OCP has demonstrated a strong understanding of performance analysis, management and tuning for optimal performance of an Oracle Database environment. They can apply a database tuning methodology by using the appropriate tools in order to monitor, diagnose and tune

Product Owner, PSPO II by

I I have passed PSPO II certification last week. It was a logically follow up for PSPO I certification I did two weeks ago . The main goal was to verify what I learned and provide a clear message that I can think and act as a product owner, which I think is a huge added value for a developer. I am prepping for the Professional Scrum Developer exam now, but I am still considering going for PSPO III . The main issue I have is the price of the exam combined with its difficulty. It is easy to select value(s) from multiple options compared to writing essays under time pressure in foreign language on expert level. I think I posses the knowledge required for this exam, I just don't think I am able to pass the test.