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Performance Management and Tuning, 1z0-084 exam


New tuning certification is out. Oracle Database 19c: Performance Management and Tuning.

Here it the link to certification path and here is the link to 1z0-084 exam. I didn't found the badge on Credly yet.

It looks like a newer version of (in March) retired exam 1z0-064. Topics looks very similar. 55 questions, 60% needed to pass, 90 minutes to do that. So at least on paper it looks easier. However there are some notable changes:

  • you have to be DBA OCP, no exceptions (in past you could attend training)
  • in past it was 84 question in 150 minutes with 62% required to pass
  • in past you would get the Expert badge, now it is just Professional

Update August 29th:

The Oracle Database 19c: Performance Management and Tuning OCP has demonstrated a strong understanding of performance analysis, management and tuning for optimal performance of an Oracle Database environment. They can apply a database tuning methodology by using the appropriate tools in order to monitor, diagnose and tune instance and SQL performance problems. Source: Credly