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Are you doing your job on 100%?


I have been asked by my (young) boss if I am doing my job on 100%. After realizing he was not joking I felt betrayed. I felt just like a resource being drained and not as a human. He continued with even more (stupid) questions and accusations directly claiming that there is a problem on my side (without any evidence) and making the issue worst. I was just thinking what is his motivation and why is he doing that. Does he want me to quit? What does he expect from me? After this kind of pep talk I will be doing overtimes for free again? Then I was thinking about our previous talks about work life balance. What a pile of rubbish. Anyway, it somehow settled after few more unpleasant meetings and I didn't left even though I had better job offers and I probably should have.

After few weeks my peer developers are targeted. Being questioned if they really give 100% to the company. Is this real? Does anyone really expect that 100% is even possible? And that this is the goal to pursue? It is not that far back when our all nation had to complete plans at 120%.

As a boss, these questions would be better:

  • What can I do for you?
  • How can I help you to be more successful?
  • Do you have any tips what we can change here?