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I failed 1Z0-083 exam (Administration II)


Let's go thru some excuses first.

  • I have no ambition of becoming Oracle administrator. I like creative jobs and being a DBA is not creative enough for me. There are some DBA topics I enjoy, but some of them I don't.
  • I rushed the exam due to my ending OLS (Oracle Learning Subscription). I thought I could skip 1z0-062 and 1z0-063 exams and save some time, but it looks like a mistake today. I should have done them first.
  • I thought it will be easier. I didn't expected so much focus on RMAN and multitenant details.
  • I don't have enough (any) experience as DBA and thats the biggest issue and hardest to fix.
  • Are the questions in the exam really about day to day life on DBA?

My preparation

I watched following courses from OLS and I also read most of the Study guides. I skipped Activity guides. I didn't practice enough. I can't practice at work and practicing at home on my own environment looks a bit odd.

I also read book DBA Handbook from Bob Bryla. I highly recommend it.

I passed the 1z0-082 exam without any issues but thats probably mainly because half of the exam is about SQL. Thats also why I thought this wont be that hard.

Next steps

Well, I can repeat exam while I remember some of the questions. Or I could do it properly and go thru 12c exams first. Anyway, I should get some hand on because doing this exam without the actual DBA experience is like a scratching lottery ticket. Every fall is partially good. You analyze your mistakes, fix them and try harder next time,

Update, Apr 2nd

I started reading book Oracle Database 12c All-in-One Exam Guide and studying for 1z0-062 exam. I am still considering repeating 1z0-083 in few weeks, I just need few more correct answers to pass.