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No to APEX Automations


APEX Automations are out and it seems to me like it is just a layer above DBMS_SCHEDULER. I don't get it. If I have grant for DBMS_SCHEDULER then I don't see any added value why I should use Automations? To have more things hardcoded in APEX? If you don't have that grant why should you be able to do it via APEX? I just don't see the target group, because I prefer scripts over typing things into APEX.

In my projects I have page for jobs (schedulers) overview, like running jobs, scheduled jobs, historic jobs with errors and details. Basically all I ever needed just in few reports and buttons.

When specific job is selected I can enable/disable/drop job, restart job, investigate failures...

You can check source code for these views: p940_running_jobs, p940_scheduled_jobs, p940_jobs_history, p940_jobs_details which are based on user_scheduler_running_jobs, user_scheduler_job_run_details and user_scheduler_jobs views. You can also check source code of whole page to check buttons and actions (processes).