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Oracle wrapper for Python


Many years ago I created simple wrapper to get access from Python to Oracle database. You can find revisited version at my Git repository. All you need to do is to install cx_Oracle module.

You can connect to database using pickle file (see or by following code:

from oracle_wrapper import Oracle

ora = Oracle({
  'user'    : 'USER_NAME',
  'pwd'     : 'PASSWORD',
  'host'    : 'SERVER_NAME',  # default port 1521
  'sid'     : 'SID',
  #'service' : 'SERVICE_NAME',  # use sid or service_name

Then you can execute any block of code with or without binded variables. You can also use autobind feature. And you can also use executemany to bulk process rows.

data = ora.execute("BEGIN sess.create_session(in_user_id => :user_id); END;", user_id = 'JKVETINA')

You can also fetch any data from Oracle database into named tuples so you can easily access them.

data = ora.fetch_assoc("""
SELECT namespace, attribute, value
FROM session_context
WHERE namespace LIKE :namespace
  namespace = '%'

print(' | '.join(ora.cols))
for row in data:
  print(' | '.join(row))  # row.attribute.ljust(16), row.value

Update April 18th 2021

With some minor adjustments you can easily connect to Oracle Cloud.

I changed pickle file to adjust for wallets (just pass user, password and service_name). The biggest pain was to use tnsnames.ora file on Mac. In theory, you could just use:

  lib_dir    = '/Users/dobby/.instantclient_19_3'
  config_dir = '/Users/dobby/.sqldeveloper/Wallet_KVIDO'
os.environ['TNS_ADMIN'] = '/Users/dobby/.sqldeveloper/Wallet_KVIDO'

But it was not working for me no matter what. My lib_dir is somehow fixed. So I copied wallet files to instant_client_19_3/network/admin folder and that was it. Not the best solution, but it is working now.

For more info check this article or this video.