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Interview questions - Python


End of the month is a great opportunity to switch jobs. Here are some questions I asked on interview for Python beginners. I would ask you to evaluate yourself first on scale form 1 to 10. The main objective is not to embarrass you but to quickly evaluate what you know, how much experience you have and mainly how do you react when you don't know the answer.

  • What module is used to connect to Oracle database?
  • Describe differences between Lists, Tuples, Dicts and Sets.
  • What are Dict and List comprehensions?
  • How do you count specific values in List?
  • How do you sort Dict by value?
  • How do you extract e-mail from text?
  • Describe syntax for ternary operator.
  • How do you copy object? Arguments are passed by ________
  • Describe object constructor.
  • What does *args and **kwargs do?
  • What are decorators in Python?
  • How do you implement parallel processing?

Good luck in finding your dream job.


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