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Oracle's hidden gems (upcoming certifications)


I have noticed that there are more certifications prepared for this year. Here is a sneak peak. Update at the end.

Oracle Database SQL Specialist

Update (September 27th): Good news. You can book these exams via Cerview (Pearson Vue) without the need to attend the overpriced courses. Unfortunately it is not possible to do them online. This exam consists of 57 questions very similar to 1z0-071 exam, 63% is needed to pass in 90 minutes. Only few questions are tricky. I suspect that PL/SQL exam is very similar to 1z0-149 and DBA exam to 1z0-083 (even the study material is basically the same).

An Oracle Database SQL Specialist demonstrates understanding of fundamental SQL concepts needed to undertake any database project. Candidates have illustrated a depth of knowledge of SQL and its use when working with the Oracle Database server, and a working knowledge of queries, insert, update and delete SQL statements as well as some Data Definition language and Data Control Language, the optimizer, tables and indexes, data modeling and normalization. Source: Credly

Exam 1Z0-914 (not active yet)

Oracle Database Program with PL/SQL Specialist

As an Oracle Database Program with PL/SQL Specialist, this candidate is ready to fully exploit the most advanced features of PL/SQL. From performance to maintainability to application code architecture, they are able to provide guidance at a more strategic level, thereby offering much higher value to your company and the marketplace. Thorough knowledge of PL/SQL language, its architecture, features, interactions with the SQL engine, programming constructs and datatypes. Source: Credly

Exam 1Z0-913 (not active yet)

Oracle Database Administration Specialist

An Oracle Database Administration Specialist has proven theoretical understanding of and the practical skills required to configure and manage Oracle Databases up to and including Oracle 19c. This includes: installation, upgrades, patching, SQL programming skills, database and network administration and backup and recovery. This person also demonstrates fluency with some advanced skills such as multi-tenant, SQL performance monitoring and problem determination. Source: Credly

Exam 1Z0-912 (not active yet)

Oracle Machine Learning using Autonomous Database 2021 Certified Specialist

I covered this in previous article.

Oracle Cloud Visual Builder Studio 2021 Application Specialist

An Oracle Cloud Visual Builder Studio 2021 Application Specialist exam is designed for students who would like begin their journey on Oracle Cloud and build required skills for Cloud development. This certification covers topics on key concepts of the Oracle Cloud Application Development Platform and implementation of Oracle Visual Builder Studio, a visual development environment with integrated agile and collaborative development features. Source: Credly

Exam 1Z0-1097-21 (not active yet)

Update (June 8th)

These certifications are part of Student Learning Subscriptions and are not publicly available and they are very expensive (at least $1500 each).

Update (July 8th)