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Be a better developer (or PO) with BA certifications


I have dedicated June to finally clear some business analyst certifications I wanted to do for a year. Why BA? Well, being a good business analyst will help me (and you) to become a better developer and also product owner, since both professions heavily rely on BA skills. And yet not many developers nor product owners pursue them.

I searched for the top BA certifications and I found IIBA. This Canadian non profit company is on the very top and I like their offerings. I don't want to spend time and money on studying something dubious from someone nobody knows or acknowledge. You can't make a mistake when choosing IIBA.

I think these 3 paths are great for both developers and product owners:

I have passed both AAC and CPOA exams and they were not easy. I will do CBDA certification later and I will probably add the ECBA to the mix. I don't regret the time I invested into studying for these exams, I learned a lot just from the official materials for these exams and I found both of them exciting (which is rare).

I also watched some Udemy courses related to AAC and I can highly recommend the Agile Business Analysis Study Guide (IIBA®-AAC endorsed) by Igor Arkhipov. I asked Igor a few things, he quickly responded to my questions and we became friends. I value a lot when trainer behind the course does this. Anyway, check his courses and use a coupon SALE0622 for a discount.

Why to get certified? Imagine you would read (study) 150 pages in AAC guide and 350 pages in CPOA guide. Then you did some quizzes, watched some videos and told your current (or future) boss about that. I think their perception would be very different when you do the same but pass the exam at the end. Sure, you can use the gained knowledge in your job without that, but you will also miss the validation you gain when you pass tough exam.