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Interview questions - APEX


I have been consulting on some interviews lately and I want to share some questions I ask APEX developers.

First of all I think SQL and PL/SQL is a crutial stepping stone to the APEX world, so you can explore some SQL and PL/SQL questions in the older article and here are some updates to the basic concepts questions:

  • Can FK contains NULL values?
  • Explain the autonomous transaction.
  • What is the advantage of compound trigger?
  • What is view with the CHECK OPTION?
  • How can you rollback a transaction after the DDL statement?
  • Can you do DML operations on a view?
  • How to solve the mutating table error?
  • What is a deadlock?
  • Explain difference between NLV, NVL2, NULLIF and COALESCE.
  • How to handle duplicate rows exception during INSERT?
  • How can you refactor query from Oracle JOIN sytax to ANSI syntax?
  • What is a whitelisting in PL/SQL?

And now to the APEX questions, they are about basic concepts, performance, security and clean code:

  • What you have to do to make new IG editable?
  • How many columns you have available to adjust page layout?
  • How do you proceed when you want a two pages/regions share exactly the same query?
  • When you create a chart with multiple series, where will you put the query?
  • Where you can and where you should store custom CSS/JS?
  • How do you proceed when a page is slow?
  • What is debug mode 9?
  • How can you add message to the APEX debug log from PL/SQL?
  • In which view we can see APEX debug messages?
  • In which view we can see APEX page items?
  • How can you get and set page item values from PL/SQL?
  • How can you filter report/grid on page load programatically?
  • How can you use the APEX_COLLECTIONS?
  • What does #TIMING# on a region?
  • What are plugins in APEX and whar are the plugin types?
  • What is the difference between PUT and POST REST method?
  • Have you created unit tests for APEX app?
  • Explain best practices for APEX developers.
  • How can you load CSV, JSON and XML files to table by using APEX API?
  • How can you evaluate auth scheme on individual page components?
  • How can you move the app to a different environment?
  • What skills are required for APEX developers?

Good luck on your interview.