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Why bother with Oracle Foundation(s) certifications?


As part of the Race to Certification Challenge you can get OCI Foundation(s) certifications for free. Why you should bother? I think many people missed the opportunity you have here.

The obvious one is that you learn a lot about Oracle Cloud in a short time. The courses are free and actually great, certifications are free and kind of easy, exams are not proctored and you have 15 free attempts per each. It is basically impossible to fail.

I am interviewing a lot and I would certainly appreciate a candidate even with these type of certifications. It is still better then nothing.

(free) Foundation courses:

You don't need to do the labs (although I would recommend that), so you can see the time needed to prep is very low. You can do each exam in just one day.

Hidden benefit

The not so obvious benefit is, that when you pass these 2 exams, you will actually get vouchers for another 2 exams. Like any exams. So you can actually get another certifications like SQL, PL/SQL, DBA (whatever you want)... for free! And you will have generous 12 months to do that.

Let me be clear. You can (and should) do these 2 Foundation exams. Then (well ideally before the exams) you must attend one live session and do two courses. If you do this, you will receive 2 extra exam attempts (exam vouchers) for any Oracle exams. That is just awesome. (see Sector 2)

On top of this you can pick 2 more exams from the list, but they should be the Professional exams (like the APEX one). If you manage to pass 2 Professional exams before September, you will get one more exam attempt. (see Sector 3)

In total you can get 2 Foundation exams and 2 Professional exams for free during Jun-Aug. And if you pass all of them, do one live session and at least two courses, you will get 3 extra vouchers for free for any kind of Oracle exams.

So 7 free certifications in total. Thats a deal of the year.

If you skip these Foundations, you wont get the 3rd free voucher.

Action plan

Step 1

  • Watch OCI Foundations course
  • Do the labs (preferred, not mandatory) and practice the exam (see the link above)
  • Schedule a free live session
  • Schedule the 1z0-1085-23 exam & pass
  • By doing this, you will get 1st extra exam voucher (in September or later)

Step 2

Step 3

  • Pick any 2 professional exams from the list and pass them (easier said then done, the Pro exams are hard)
  • But by doing this, you will get 3rd extra exam voucher (in September or later)

Good luck!