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Combine open door and SSO login #JoelKallmanDay


Sometimes I need to login as a specific user to verify what he/she can access and see. And most of the times I would like to login as me with a single button. So I created login page like this:

So I can signup with any user I like or use the Google button to sign up via Google SSO. In corporates we would typically use Microsoft 365 SSO.

To make this more secure, the login field, button and process behind are visible only to developers (users signed up in APEX Builder) thanks to my core.is_developer function used as authorization scheme on these components. You should also disable the login field, button and process on production. Best approach would be to assign a Build option and disable it. Or/and you can use the SSO authentication as default there.

If I am not signed in APEX Builder, I will not have the option to sign as anyone:

And here is the trick how to do this:

  • Create Google SSO authentication
  • Enable Switch auth scheme on your open door and SSO authentications
  • Use open door authentication as default
  • Create login page
  • Add Google SSO button for your homepage and pass APEX_AUTHENTICATION=GOOGLE in request