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APEX Alpe Adria 2024


Third time the charm. I love this conference, love the atmosphere, love the people. This year I have really enjoyed the networking and made few new friends.

Sadly, Peter's minions were not present again, and this time nor was Peter.

The APEX team was a bit more secretive than usual, but it here are some statements:

  • APEX 24.1 will be a bit late (no news)
  • It might and it might not bring us the 5 features promised on last Kscope (you could actually made and deliver a baby during this waiting)
  • Oracle has build 41 thousands of bespoke internal APEX applications
  • Cloud starting prices for APEX service were dramatically reduced

And I have done it. I finally stepped up and presented something on a conference for the first time, in front of a real audience with 70+ people. And that something was a bit controversial topic.

Huge thanks to the people supporting me, also huge thanks to all guys who made this conference happen. I have enjoyed it more than ever before.

Here is my presentation: AAA24.pdf (not much without the speech, sorry)